Monday, June 25, 2012

It's A...


Yup, we're having a boy!  Tenacious G cried when she found out.  She really wanted a baby sister.  Poor kid.  Maybe next time.

Now that I know the sex, I can start planning the perfect nursery.  It's going to be 100% geek, and it will be the most magnificent thing on Earth.

Here's a few geeky baby items I've been drooling over lately:

Meep print
I'm thinking one in each size: the big one for Hike, medium for Tenny G, and small for baby.

I want to make crib sheets and a baby blanket out of this fabric.  Now I just need to get over my sewing machine phobia...
PS -I love this fabric so much I want to marry it.

Batmin and Robbes poster
Tiny crocheted Star Wars dolls
(I don't know where the original link to this is)

I really wanted to get this for a girl baby, since my favorite girl name at present is "River", but this is too cool to wait for the next baby.

New Moon print
 I'm planning on painting this one of these days.

Kaboom chair
Okay, so I'm not actually getting this, but I like the concept.

Frozen in Chocolatetite print
And of course Geek Baby is going to need some clothes...

ThinkGeek onesies/shirts

  Cthulhu just wants to hug!

Wonder Baby activate!

Ok, so not really "geeky", just awesome.

Yoda Ears Beanie

I've been thinking about this for a while now, if you can't tell.  So tell me minions, what awesome geek baby items have you seen around lately?

PS -I love zombies as much as the next girl, but I'm going to refrain from putting zombie decor in the nursery.  It's an aesthetics thing.


Linds said...

Personally, I think your kid needs one of these:

Rena said...

In our family, this nursery could be a girl's nursery too.

so let it be written...

Bennet said...

Oh, I know. But I needed a good segue from announcing the sex of the baby to talking about how I was going to decorate his room.